The Dreamer and the Doctor

Jack’s latest effort, The Dreamer and the Doctor, will be released on October 23 from Sasquatch Books. It traces the unlikely saga of John and Carrie Leiberg through the Inland Northwest and around the world.

“Jack Nisbet continues to educate, entertain, and mesmerize with this meticulously written and researched story of two people-of-destiny whose intelligence and passion transformed our awareness and understanding of the Northwest. Part history, part adventure tale, part love story, part futuristic foreshadowing, this book fascinated me from beginning to end with its eloquence, urgency, and quiet intensity.”


– Kim Barnes, Author of In the Wilderness: Coming of Age in Unknown Country

“Jack Nisbet’s The Dreamer and the Doctor is a textured, insightful history of the waning frontier days of the American West that reads like a novel. The featured couple, a female doctor and an obsessed botanist, provide an unusual lens to a time that is both familiar and antique, a time when science and medicine were rapidly evolving but were still intensely personal. Entwined in the narrative are the roots of the battle for Western public lands, the impact of federal science, and a growing awareness of the impact of forest fires.”
– Kirk Johnson, Sant Director, Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History