Sources of the River: Tracking David Thompson across Western North America

Sasquatch Books, Seattle, 1994

Sources of the River


  • Murray Morgan Prize 1995
  • Idaho Library Book of the Year 1995
  • Washington Governor’s Award 1995

“[Sources of the River] is flat-out, one of the best-written and most fascinating books I’ve read about our particular corner of the continent. Nisbet’s style is smooth and graceful, and he has a gift for clarity. His occasional first-person accounts…serve a valuable purpose. They remind us that this book is not about a vanished land; it’s about a land that still lives and evolves.”


– The Spokesman Review

“Nisbet’s writing style is lively and immediate, decidedly un-stodgy, displaying humor and sensitivity to nature that Thompson showed in his journals. Sources of the River is a “must read” for anyone interested in Northwest history. this superbly researched, superbly written book resonates in the memory for a long time.”


– The Third Age